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About us

AS Health Group is a network of leading specialist health facilities aimed at transforming regional healthcare systems with the aim of providing world class integrated mental health, social care, special education, and physical healthcare services to the people of United Arab Emirates and MENA region.

We are a market leader serving through a holistic care model that serves the needs of children, adolescent, and adult patients across the acuity spectrum.

AS Health builds on the foundational strengths of its people by:

  • distilling global experience and expertise within the context of regional norms, standards, and expectations

  • through innovative healthcare models, and professional development

These approaches have characterized AS Health, earning regional acclaim for its healthcare practices and standards and supporting the development of a sustainable healthcare and rehabilitation sector in line with the vision of the UAE and MENA region. Formed in 2008, AS Health operates, manages, and develops a portfolio of healthcare assets including:

  • Maudsley Health - Abu Dhabi

  • Maudsley Health – management contract of Al Amal Hospital

  • American Center for Psychiatry and Neurology Clinics and Pharmacies - Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Al Ain  and Sharjah

  • Wellness One Day Surgery Center - Abu Dhabi

  • Dmetco Bayti Home Care – Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Ajman

  • AS Social Care – Abu Dhabi 

  • AS CareTech Academy – Abu Dhabi

Placing patient health and wellbeing across its continuum of care, AS Health sets the benchmark for the UAE and the MENA region through international expertise with a regional understanding.

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  • To support provision of quality mental and physical care to
    the community with a focus on patient satisfaction and enhancement of wellbeing.

  • Improve the community’s understanding of mental health
    and the mind-body connection between mental and
    physical health.

  • Provide education and opportunities for individuals to identify early warning signs of mental illness and subsequently provide programs and an environment that supports recovery and improves resilience for these individuals.

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To support the delivery of high quality, integrated mental and physical health care services that are accessible to all.

Core Values


R - Respect and Dignity

I  - Improving Lives.

T - Team Working Together

E - Excellence

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