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Doctor and Patient

Patients Testimonials

At AS Health, we take pride in the impact our team has on the lives of our patients. These testimonials are a testament to our commitment to providing compassionate, high-quality healthcare at Wellness ODSC. We are honored to be a part of your health and wellness journey.


Patient Testimonial at Wellness ODSC

In this video, witness the transformative journey of Hossam as he rediscovers pain-free movement under the expert care of Dr. Rabia Iqbal, our outstanding Physiotherapist at Wellness One Day Surgery Center. Hossam shares his inspiring story of overcoming shoulder pain and reclaiming his active lifestyle, highlighting the significant impact of Dr. Rabia's personalized approach and effective treatment plan on his remarkable recovery.

Patients Testimonial at ACPN

Patient Testimonial 1: Reem

In this testimonial, discover the inspiring journey of Reem as she navigates life as an MS patient at ACPN Abu Dhabi. Reem's story is a testament to courage, resilience, and hope in the face of the challenges posed by Multiple Sclerosis.

Patient Testimonial 2: Nadine

In this testimonial, listen to Nadine as she opens up about her heartfelt experience with ACPN's services, which played a crucial role in helping her youngest daughter overcome bullying and regain confidence. We take pride in being a part of her journey towards healing and empowerment. As Mother's Day approaches, we want to express our gratitude and appreciation for all mothers, acknowledging the efforts and sacrifices they make to support their children on their journey to resilience.

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